Out of Game (OOG) - Is a term used in RPG products which represent content that is "off the field of play", such as technical questions and requests for information not a part of the storyline or fiction.

An OOG request or statement by a player is used to break character, so other players (and the game director) know that the request is a issue or fact requiring they speak 'off the record' of the ongoing story.

Such information would be for details like "how do you kill a Sanguine" as facts not prior stated; or "What exactly does this mean for my character." For those of you new to RP Gaming, that is the actual point of playing.

Players are not, after all, ancient vampires or supernatural creatures, so information in context and to questions about the game or purpose are still relevant. To sustain the atmosphere and flow of roleplaying games, a game director or publisher releasing information from the first-person or public knowledge of a fiction game will OMIT that information from the presentation, as it is part of the game to discover, test, and even be terribly wrong about the conclusions for genuine roleplay experiences.

These issues are necessary to stop and explain on this website, because there is a small contingent of people - a minority - who have a genuine mental disorder and cannot (or will not) distinguish between literary fiction, characters in a live interactive social game, and real life.

We aren't necessarily talking about them as players or their character, either.

Schizophrenic and Narcissistic Delusional Paranoid Personality Disorder can cause certain members of the public to actually believe that real people think that they are 'supernatural creatures', and to both claim this belief and also hide this disassociative disorder by projecting the claim on the target of their delusion as if it is a mental health issue and genuine belief of the actor or artist, model, or writer.

We have met three of these people in the writing of Beyond War, and in each case they have refused to cease harassing our art and studio team to the point of a restraining order being requested and criminal complaint filed.

The Public is therefore forewarned, these claims by "myluv187", in support of abuse of a child and threat of rape and murder toward the studio in Pontotoc County, State of Oklahoma; are very serious - and not to repeat or participate in such fraud as it is under Federal criminal complaint for 18 USC 2281A felony stalking.

Members of the public are advised to be on the lookout for persons who make claims of 'knowing the inner thoughts' of any model, actor, or writer in our service or Beyond War project employment; especially where such party makes claims of malice of forethought, malicious intent, or other character ad hominem allegations to support their delusion seeking attention and aid. Such aid has been violent, criminal, and toward a child ordered to the POSSESSION of the Oklahoma parent, since making formal case against the party subject Federal Criminal Complain now.

The Sanguine as a 'broad class of alien' and elemental character of Beyond War since the 1990s, are purposefully similar to public domain mythology - AND - have distinct features which this party and others have falsely sought to sell in duplication work to foreign firms as original content in aid of child abuse and dilution of a criminal case for child kidnapping.

No custody order or lawful agreement permitted concealment or taking, nor did such claims of other emotional or physical abuse occur, and this is the sort of behavior pedophiles and child rapists tend to resort to when their sociopath behavior and deviant activity are brought to light. These abuses did inspire the particular degree of language readers often see in the Sanguine, but are particularly made sinister and initially presented as overpowering and unified; so that critical elements of the story may develop and their nature and depth be later revealed.

OOG - plainly - if the Sanguine wished harm upon any class or people, or an entire planet, then that harm would come to pass. It is this withholding of harm when power is able to do harm, that is their core nature and trait - a very old, very powerful, very alone, and very kind alien being.

The initial incitement to portray them as 'evil' in Beyond War is, therefore OOG, a ploy to help the reader later understand the real 'evil' in the Universe as ignorant, large, codependent socialist construction of 'utility of people' as sole value, the true and greater evil which we all live with every day as 'greater good' and 'public health' emotional claims seek to shout down actual science, rights, and destroy individual people to appears the paranoia and cowardice of communities, society, and to install power not given in government behind collective identity and tyranny.

This is not to say that society has no place and no rights, but rather, to affirm that the rights of the One (the individual) in a Republican form of government, may not be sold or suspended or delayed simply to reduce the risk or meet the interests of the many - even the benefit of all others but themselves - and that such determination is not made by the society, but by the One alone, their right to give or withhold consent, a sacred authority.

The Sanguine are made in a form whereby the knowledge and wisdom of this sacrifice and every torture and wrong done in the name of that cause are engraved in their hearts, and their very form made a weapon against it.

To a society intent on murdering a minority, the Sanguine are the ultimate evil that stands in their way; the unyielding parent defending one child against a class, school, community, or world. As a god-like force, this makes them very much akin to 'The Devil' for atheist-socialist extremists, a supernatural force they either wish to destroy or disclaim as imaginary.

To socialism, such force is a 'fiction' and immediately the target of ridicule, because if it were real it would surely strike them down instantly for that. When they are not struck down, they enjoy the belief that such force is a fantasy.

Beyond War is a fiction that explains the facts in metaphors, such as the mercy of that moment in which those fools are not struck dead by the hand of God, who is quietly standing behind the child waiting for the moment when that abuser will not be missed, so that the next one who rises up to strike will do so without guile or fear and die just as swiftly. It is a labor-saving decision. A form of tactical warfare. And a means to kill them all.

The child, you see... is bait. And the Sanguine, is the hunter.

The technologies of Beyond War are built to raise awareness of the cultural and individual injury of genocide and policies themed complicity with genocide under color of law, for audience ages 24 and up.

As a work of fiction, Beyond War uses several terms to explain to modern culture how their use of defensive claims to normalize genocide are accessory to the actual crime and aggravate such injury. "Beyond War" and "Sanguine" are trademarks of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., so registered.