The Sanguine are not unstoppable. They are not unkillable. They can be fought.

To do so requires many things - but understanding one is key.

You must know what a weapon fear can be.

You must become it.

These are not the desperate anger of a dying world. It is written, or so it was said, by the Prayer of Blood, that this is the way.

The Sanguine do not always fight a lesser enemy. There are things far more dangerous and destructive than a Sanguine soldier. They were made to fight - and those that were made to fight them were so too made well.

To live, you must know fear - and see beyond it. You must accept fear - and admit it. You must have grace for those who fear, and be merciful to those who listen to it. And you must rise beyond that fear and remain who you are despite its nature.

These are the words of the Sanguine King - the warning that not all life is sacred that one life may be traded for another against its will. Or all life will be sold with the arbitration of any One for whatever purpose or good is achieved.

To harm even One, is to accept the price of Fear - and to attest you are greater than what may come in your choice, for judgement and mercy are not the way open to those who become as Fear and Death itself.

They must abandon hope, and be taken to task for their soul if they abandon mercy for others, and their bodies be the food of nightmares for generations to come.

This is the Sanguine way of War.

It writes its legend in the blood of worlds.

The technologies of Beyond War are built to raise awareness of the cultural and individual injury of genocide and policies themed complicity with genocide under color of law, for audience ages 24 and up.

As a work of fiction, Beyond War uses several terms to explain to modern culture how their use of defensive claims to normalize genocide are accessory to the actual crime and aggravate such injury. "Beyond War" and "Sanguine" are trademarks of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., so registered.