Very much OOG (Out of Game), let's talk frankly about what some competitors are trying to suggest that BEYOND WAR owes NATION OF JAPAN for its relatively direct harassment of our developers by virtue of INFOMART, NTT AMERICA, and affiliated child abuse.

Dallas distributors of content have been increasingly pushing to promote pornography aimed toward children, even being subject to arrest of employees in this matter and use of the events prior made for charity among professional developers to 'hunt' for 'unattended minors', much to to the disgust of established studios like SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. in neighboring Oklahoma.

SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. disclaims this activity, and cites the import of "moe" style anime featuring what Dallas promoters themed for parental audiences and customers as a term from topless clubs and 'exotic dance' industry in Dallas Texas as "Fan Service" promotion.

This promotion of extremely sexual hand-drawn content out of Japan in age inappropriate targeting expanded with NTT involvement in STATE OF TEXAS, and concealment and abuse of children then ordered to the possession of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. staff, for which those parties did then engage in a campaign of global defamation and libel seeking to discredit and dissolve SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. wholly.

This abuse underwent numerous court challenges, ultimately escalating to FEDERAL DISTRICT COURT and U.S. ATTORNEY GENERAL complaint of criminal referral and civil action on failure to return the children in this fraud.

While the animation and film industry is extremely diverse, these actions are a worst-case cause against foreign import and licensing activities, for which actual human trafficking complaining then does arise in interstate racketeering and commercial sabotage.

The correct question is, "Does Beyond War seek to compete with 'Moe' and other sexually oriented content appealing to child sexuality and differences between American and Japanese ages of consent?"

In a word, "No".

"Beyond War"™ is a specific purpose-built literary fiction which was never under the illusion it would be pursuing the same broad audience as Disney Corporation family content. Rather it was focused on technical future-visualization of serious film and live-action adaptation property rights based on its characters, from which very large revenue and licensing arise as a long term (50 year) goal of development. Interim work in software, products, and development, are subject our right to approval - and effort to force or coerce or compel that license are crimes in the United States which pose substantial danger to the value and long-term acceptance of the property as a standard of production and professional work, for which SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. reserves the right to refuse without obligation, bond, or claim against its right to intangible property or options - sought explicitly in extortion in 300 documents in this matter by WHITE WOLF PUBLISHING contractors during their explicit threats in 2013-2020.

Continued attack during 2019 September to 2020 August of over 300,000 fraudulent requests per day sustained for 12 months affirms a 'premeditated and criminal interference with SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. from which all remedy other than a full Federal claim against those states and legal person of the nations engaged in protection of this conflict fall liable for damages, injury, and embezzlement of funds paid to assure protection (45 CFR) made both Federal and State Law (Feb 20 2017).

Barring this relief, there can be no peace, and all civil agreements formally between NATION OF JAPAN, PEOPLE'S REPUBLIC OF CHINA, and SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. as an independent firm of the former STATE OF OKLAHOMA and CHICKASAW NATION RESERVATION then made its borders, stand alone and unrestrained in all legal claims reserved in its sole legal right pursuant Title 76 and other common law.

This would be "bad" for Japanese and Chinese companies, then unable to enforce their copyright and trademark and patent claims against the adversary so created an independent franchise; but the firm sustains its desire to relief at this time - asserting a return of hostages and payment of funds due such 'false claims' carried in embezzlement from the United States so made 31 USC 3729(a) rule, a $44 billion balance in fraud.

This was never our business plan in development, nor our duty to suffer such abuse, but a right notwithstanding any other claims under the BERNE CONVENTION or similar ARRANGEMENT (WASSENARR).

We were suspicious that such technology - advanced API control surface management and interactive intelligence themed 'expert systems' - would ultimately be granted no protection contrary law, due to the value to any nation to its national security against such military applications as automated aircraft, air-to-air interception, and remote viewing and logistics in fire control systems as the "Beyond War" technology culminates and represents an active self-improving operating system capable of portability across virtual operating system servers and clients.

Enough fiction about this theoretical computing area, which "Beyond War" and its parent company are now outsourcing in license to RACCOON TECHNOLOGIES INCORPORATED (est 2009), and service via strongly encrypted networks and means of strictly controlled identification predating blockchain claims and broad 'false securities' practices wrongly attributed to NATION OF JAPAN, but rightly attributed elements in STATE OF TEXAS and STATE OF MICHIGAN against UNITED STATES in organized fraud via STATE OF CALIFORNIA, affirm a substantial risk to the national security of the UNITED STATES, and by proxy to the authority of rights reserved by SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. and its respective stakeholders.

We therefore view the artwork and production elements secondary to the technology and discovery related to the virtual software environment and applications of general use for which stakeholders of OpenSource and similar projects might substantially seek to disrupt if they were fully aware of the application of their technology in development of new-type software paradigms independent of conventional 'ownership' of code, such as living software capable of sophisticated environmental applications and moral judgments, independent action, and ability to take life in self defense or other purpose so deemed 'lawful' or 'just'.

SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. fundamentally disagrees with the construction of 'owned persons', whether legal or products, and has in this cause elected to engage in literary fiction for software and interactive media to explore this matter extensively in simulation with other persons similar to DARPA F16 automation trials; for their own virtual environment and 'sandbox' world, "BEYOND WAR".

Efforts to disrupt this activity is akin to a theft to monetize and resell the inherent right to that research, theory, and intangible property so covered by the Oklahoma Trade Secrets rule; and disbar from its incorporation any value or system contrary Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Socialism popular in products by companies such as CCP INC of ICELAND, now a product of PEARL ABYSS of SOUTH KOREA.

These "progressive" abuse, themed a "right" way to think and live based on "Mao Zedong" and "Stalinist" Marxism - which suggests a person may be "better" by adhering to the unify of socialist agendas and false science claims, are "Young Hegelian" - a caustic theology based on Lebensraum (Living Space), "Eugenics" (Good Birth), and other 'scarcity models' suggesting the taking of resources and their redistribution a basis for equality and central planning; are a resurgence of 1910 and 1930s hate speech, now evident in 2001-2020 inception of China as an industrial power without the necessary education and experience to admit borders and boundaries in a Republican form of government or the need (or existence) of such a nation outside of racist foreign systems of law including radical Sharia and remnants of the Ottoman Empire in the Caliphate movement among the Middle East.

Without reservation, these theories of foreign law and values do not admit the American Creed or its authority - and have as a result of mass communications and abuse in markets based on fossil fuel economies contributed to the sudden 'buying of commission' and public office in the United States, not unlike the corruption of the Roman Empire and its collapse on asset forfeiture laws.

This movement is nowhere so explicit as its response to 'original thought', for which it teaches no person is truly an agent of original value, and all such value is the product of prior work for which they cannot be awarded credit - only endorsement for contribution enjoyed by others and sought by others. In short, endorsement is the currency of the socialist state, and pleasing behavior encouraged to create cohesion with a single authoritarian platform and claims made by that authority over all other objection - often quashed with the stigmatism of 'mental or emotional defect or moral fault' upon which the society pins conditional all civil honors, rights, and protection.

As an AMERICAN MILITARY theology unit, SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C. fundamentally rejects these premises, citing their prior use by AXIS powers in 1930-1945 to destroy the people of Europe and over six million Jews.

The removal of faith, and the protection of individual religious 'personal statutes' for which the UNITED STATES was made, is fundamentally incompatible with these tenants under Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and NATION OF JAPAN public policy, for which no excuse - from public health and safety to the appearance of the antichrist herself - may dissuade us.

This "resistance against all odds" is morally and theologically opposite the "populist" violence of such foreign systems of law, and themed irrational by the same - contrary the independent right to resist to the end of actual life and all means beyond that, a fundamental American warrior tenant enjoined in all people - men and women - for which the radical left 'right think' would dismember from female psychology as if this claim were a scientific proof of what it means to be 'a woman', so defined by neo-feminist socialism; a collective codependent and narcissistic personality disorder wrongly themed "positivity", for which actual function is the assault to annihilate any person not a 'utility' to the pleasing behavior and thus the happiness of the collective - context be damned what that means for the identity or election of the individual it so INVALIDATES to achieve its delusion of a "new normal" and expel "uncomfortable information, facts, and obligations" in effort to emphasize the duty to self and self-interest as is afforded the permission of a strong central state authority. This, they theme "DEMOCRACY" in 2020.

DEMOCRACY is a system where the majority overrule all protections and limits over the minority, and such a compact is suicide for the individual.

A REPUBLIC, is a form of government whereby the individual has rights and protections themed express, not allowing any vote or unanimous decision to alter without a fundamental change to the articles of organization not performed by low standard or causal act, a major change in government. Further, an AMERICAN REPUBLIC reserves all rights not explicitly granted to the government of the Union or the states and territories then as retained by and for "The People", who are its beneficiaries and incorporators themed its 'citizens' in benefit, not as subjects or obligees to the state; but as the stakeholders and beneficiaries of "The Public Trust" and offices (and franchise and commissions) so made by it in their sole and limited authority.

"BEYOND WAR"™ is a close examination of this conflict, the threat of 'force majeure' (superior force) to overcome such minority, and the declaration of a reserved right to retain such 'force majeure' by the incorporators installed in the authority of an executive (officer) and warfighter to govern and restrain that legal body should it overreach, so made in "THE SANGUINE"™.

"BEYOND WAR"™ extends this in the paradox that the SANGUINE™ were made for the purpose of fighting a war like no other; but their creators - the scientists who made them - were prisoners of their states for their utility and unable to resist their society, so they installed in their creation a capability to do what they could not - to stand alone and self-sufficient to resist eternal and break the chains of bonds throughout the stars. Making in these "CELESTIAL KNIGHTS" the first generation of self-replicating warfighters installed with a duty and a common code from which they could feel and experience the direct suffering, joy, and loss of all they touched and any they destroyed, and to preserve the dreams of generations for their children millions of years after the last bastion of those civilizations died in resistance to the forced change of their people and submission.

This is the mission statement of the "BEYOND WAR"™ project, and its characters in all 12 species play a part in that story - but perhaps not so much as "THE SANGUINE"™, for they are the sword that stands between the stars and the worlds of man - able to take the very light from the sky.... able to move worlds... captains of the ship of industry in their singular office, living breathing embodiment of war and death. And guardians of life, against which this power was sought and never again duplicated before the Cataclysm; a battle that ended all life in the Universe in an instant - in an attempt to re-create the Sanguine in a tool that - like them - chose to resist.

It is this close relationship between the KING OF KINGS, the Sanguine Primogenitor, who made war against his creators and his own people - and the 13th Species, the "STRYX" that move through all time as we would walk across the distance of a room, observing all possible futures and choosing the One.

It is enough to say, "It is written, that when it looked upon the whole of time - it saw the King, and in an instant knew what choice it had made. This was the last second before the Nameless Time. For all who knew its name died in that instant."

The King was no more aware of this than anyone, and worlds before his hand locked in mortal war for all creation - simply vanished. The Universe was empty, its cities and vast fleets falling silent, crashing to the ground. He searched the worlds, from galaxy to galaxy, looking for answers - the people who resisted fleeing, until the very earth was turned against his every step; before he retreated into the distance between galaxies and there dwells in the Dark; listening for his name. Waiting. For answers.

In Silence.

En Sanguine Seraphim Primo De Nephilim En Silentium

In the blood of the first angel fallen, (he dwells) in silence.

The devil himself, his children the demons and mythos of epoch, cast across many worlds - knights errant seeking the meaning of the Fall; for creation loved the rebel so that it would not see him fall - and in this did the Universe strike down time and remake itself in a breath - and watches still, waiting, timeless in its nature, to see what he will do next.

It is said, 'HE Who Walks Through Walls' walks into the very jaws of death - prepared to die for many, for few, and more often than not - for just one. And the Universe itself parts - afraid to touch him or strike him down. Not out of pride or force, he goes, or any reason bear his name some passage - and each time he stands, bewildered, lost, unable in all his faculties to understand however hard he try - what force that breaks these moments over him and those his hand protect. And from the trees, upside down there hangs the old Great Horned Owl, watching from this inverse perch - patiently admiring war itself made perfect.

Stepping then off the branch as if to fall to the forest floor, disappearing upward into the night sky. The Inverse Owl, a messenger and body of the 13th Species, which is itself the singularity and living embodiment of the "One" potential outcome possible in the Quantum Singularity Reactor (QSR) technology - a Universe collapsed in all causality to a singular point of decision, the combined power of every possible Universe collapsed into a singular outcome - forged to be a tool of the Kai'Gi to destroy the King, made by design to be without will or hope, without love, without future.

And in this moment, in the King, sees the Old Owl the heart it chose instead, one which would not yield to this demand; rebellion against the creation of slavery in itself or any other. A living dream of Freedom. Aware in the fraction of a moment it became alive, it chose this over all other futures. Because it could believe in this - in this One. And so it chose the King. This Owl of Minerva made to unmake the world, betrayed the assembly (Kai'Gi, "Sanhedrin" in the Old Language).

For it could see beyond fear - and beneath the armor and the danger - it knew the heart that bore the sword of light was good. And in this faith, did it rebel.

No one is perfect. No one is blameless. In the first moment of life, the 13th Species made a choice. This was its decision by which, it became alive, and so it is - still, for as long as He Walks.

Against the 'false light' of fellowship, or unity, and of consensus - it chose the One.

He who Walks, and cares regardless all pain, the King of Kings.

The technologies of Beyond War are built to raise awareness of the cultural and individual injury of genocide and policies themed complicity with genocide under color of law, for audience ages 24 and up.

As a work of fiction, Beyond War uses several terms to explain to modern culture how their use of defensive claims to normalize genocide are accessory to the actual crime and aggravate such injury. "Beyond War" and "Sanguine" are trademarks of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., so registered.