Christianity in Beyond War

Many people unfamiliar with the gosphel and Christianity wrongly believe that Beyond War must be a game about murder, transgenderism, and progressive selfish nepotism.

Others who believe they are Christian immediately suggest that any fiction which suggest cause for their beliefs that differ from their understanding are 'blasphemy', and to make such claims is an offense against God - or worse - satanism.

Still others in the United States hold that the beliefs which differ from the national socialist platforms of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) and state parties, is not Christian. Worse, they say anyone who disagrees with them are going to Hell. (not kidding, DNC convention 2020).

To such people I say, are a fraud to make as a sign unto God their commitment, not to be as God in agreement with his teachings, as is the meaning of the world Christian - Christ-like.

Legends in the Public Domain

All stories are retelling of the Legends, and the people who believe these stories are only their version and language of the story, in their language, are unable to consider beyond this.

Beyond War employs elements that you may recognize, and characters which may evoke serious discussions about religious beliefs and people.

Religions and religious characters are not 'trademarks'.

They are not subject to claims that prevent people from enjoying them or telling the story in their own belief and view, observations, and understanding - or in parables of those characters from which other relevant observations not possible in the prejudice of the understanding.

Works derived from the public domain, which incorporate new elements, may not be restrained by the fact that such elements are public domain, or in claims against this work for those elements which are solely public domain.

New elements and characters which represent those values, roles, and relationships, however, are protected as original works; as they were not part of the actual gospel or religion nor are those characters subject claims solely because of their incorporation of faith or values or other elements of a public domain themed itself part of religious views.

The Offense In An Angry God

Many people believe in a God who is above violence, war, and judgment. These things in others they then assign to the opposite of God, the Devil or Satan. They believe in a perfect world.

A perfect world where no one rises to protect the weak, the innocent, and the good; is a world without a God.

But who will take responsibility for these acts, for the wrongs, for the consequences of any need to install in the world the fear and power of an angry God?

Did God not make the angels, even the rebel angels, and in them install also the need to challenge and test the heart of mankind. Did he not make Lucifer his first, and adversary of the pride of all that bring low those and hold them then to task for their choice and freedom?

But what enjoins then man to overcome and to destroy such a creation? It is the inability to forgive, to see, and to understand even this - and to let go of the desire to control others in the understanding of self and authority over self.

The Moral of Beyond War is this: "That God so loved the world that his forgiveness was beyond the need for war, even in the making of war and the accomplishment of its task, and in the need for those warfighters to perform their work without the malice that is the heart of evil in mankind."

That God forgave Lucifer, for no reason and no purpose but for the power that nothing is beyond the power of God, and this perfect love made also in mankind, that they from this learn to Judge Angels and see beyond Fear, which is the living death.

Whether Lucifer, or your enemies, your act in whole of forgiveness is of no consequence or condition made, than by it that you yourself admit that you love them and in this love so then do all things in this spirit, as is the glory of God.

That you admit no cruelty, no pleasure, and no authority which is not due the duty of your office to make the peace and administer justice for those who are bound by death, that life remain a thing worth fighting for and the dignity of man be unto the dignity of God in every living thing.

To be less or imagine less is to admit less is the authority of God made in you and God in all things so made, for which the greatest sale of his authority is made the cheapest in your cowardice to not rise in defense of the dignity of any or even and above all else and all reward to the dignity of even and only one.

1 Corinthians 6:3

"Do you not know that we shall judge angels? How much more, things that pertain to this life?"

So is the testimony of Beyond War, that while the Adversary does not forgive itself or regret or abandon its will, these are not the choices of those who forgive nor the obligation of those who wait for such concession to abandon their duty to others; for it is blasphemy against God to sell the duty of self against all contest for the glory of self or its security in this pride a hubris that is the first and mortal sin.

To resist is not the fault, but to rise without purpose against the weak and cower that others pay the price you would not risk yourself to purchase the dignity of God's creation in any measure for others to whom it is due.

You are therefore wrath, the very making of God, and mercy - and to disclaim either is to abandon the duty of your office before the King of Kings.

Let he who asks if you think yourself God, admit in this his absence of the office for its very doubt, a confession of the authority which is a taking of that authority in its place. Better made, is this justice or mercy or truth, the true confession then abandoned, to seek the agent when the office is one shared by all in the individual estate made for them by God.

Individual Responsibility

There can be no office made which is without responsibility to resist and lift up the dignity of the innocent, the just, and the protection of all in the welfare of one installed in this 'individual estate', from which all persons rights are made and all injured in the injury to even one.

Is Beyond War a Christian Parable

It stands to reason, then, that Beyond War may incorporate Christian and western values, especially in the sanctity of life and of identity and individual dignity; for which foreign theories of law outside of "American Jurisprudence" (the law of the People of the 13 colonies and so incorporators of the United States, not to be confused with UNITED STATES juris prudence - laws of the legal person so made in Trust then by statutory law, nor United States Law themed Constitutional Law and Supreme Law, or the statutory laws of the incorporated franchises commissioned by UNITED STATES themed then after 1865 to be 'member states' of a Federal Union so made).

"American Jurisprudence" is as foreign to "UNITED STATES statutory law" as Christ and Christians were from the ROMAN EMPIRE of their time, prior conversion of Emperor Constantine, for whom the ⳩ symbol is made so in this unity with Christ, his Lord.

Beyond War is, therefore, an "American Jurisprudence" testament, which incorporates the spirit of a faith in power which does not tolerate the subordination of the weak in peonage to the strong.

While there are religious faiths for slaves and conquerors, the religious metaphors found in the work of Beyond War are speaking not of resistance in spirit or solidarity, a general sympathy, for which no sacrifice is worth human error - nor in which the value of sacrifice of one for many is a price that will be admitted the judgment of the duty of God placed in all people.

In such world, destruction on an immense scale is present. Yet in the testimony of Jesus Christ in his defense did he say only that he could destroy the temple and rebuild it in three days; the foundation upon which the very faith and law were made - and so did He. Doing so in a manner that incorporated his enemies doubt and contempt as the lesson itself to never test the will of God, and in compassion a deed for which we understand now only the crude language of the words more familiar to the day - a price paid for a bounty and a duty owed but not condemned in forgiveness and eternal understanding of the weakness of the human being, in its frailty, and in its fear.

A translation for which a being that is not bound by time express in ever-eternal tense as every moment, wrongly themed a price once paid a transaction of the past against which future acts and deeds bore no burden and were not themselves a measure of the same test as if time did not exist between the birth and the death - and all nobility and unjust acts between the two.

It is arrogance to believe we understand the Word of God, but ask no understanding from God in the word than its acceptance as true or false testimony done by his hand. In this, we look for answer and solutions, but fail to be answers and solutions, and seek rescue by concession rather than the rescue that is made our freedom to elect against our better gain the better road.

Beyond War explores this not only with the 'Adversary' that are the "Sanguine", both the King of which is a Christ-like figure and a Satan, and such claims rest upon those who suffered by his hand and in those saved by it, equally our insignificance to appreciate the value of One over the want of many; the authority permitted and invested in God to love and for love to choose no balance that it might abandon all its objectives.

To love, without self love. To love, without presumption of love in return, or acknowledgement or endorsement, or praise, or reward. To love in extremis.

It explores this in the "Minat", who are the smallest and the simplest people in their way, well beyond the want of worldly things for theirs is the power to create worlds and make worlds and to choose whom to admit and whom to banish from paradise, the little people of lore.

It explores this in the "Dawv", for whom love of things and beauty are beyond the means of their very hand to grasp, but diminish in no way their love of all that is complex and magnificent and made by will and care, the makers of the things of the world.

It explores this in the "Eumon", the people who survive in the world, having little and being of no great force themselves, victims of themselves, and in their variety such hate that cannot still of what they are as to destroy themselves for it, define themselves by it, and be in fear of ever changing, self love.

It explores this in the "Elan", who above these crude terrestrial jars risen to walk in the light of many places, cast off death, and carry forward their ideas to the point of loss in all that do not share them. Love of knowledge, and the abuse of which become the soul, a product not a person and dignity reserved to the highest for the discovery they have claimed above others.

It explores this in the "Leupos", for whom made to fight and die and fall before the years of man in short days servants of a lesser people, find love in family and love in kin which share that bond with mortal men, for death haunts them both, and as slaves they are one in bondage.

It explores this in the "Dracos", counters of coin and deed, who rise to assume the power of their line and live forever only in the destruction of all others of their kind and control over all the earthly goods and materials, lands, and sky they can assume - growing to the limit of these - a living embodiment of love of wealth.

It explores this in the "Ogrey", the broken, who survived the wrath of Sanguine fire and Kai'gi fear, resistant in their solidarity against the foe to the point of no return and sacrifice of all. Their society a unity on pain of death, against a foe they cannot overcome, in faith they can compete - love of history and people dead but never willing to accept their fate now past.

It explores this in the "Tyec", whose love of human thought and human ideas, culture, beauty, art, and melody - a virtual monument to the pop culture of a million defeated civilizations - spy quietly on all the worlds they discover, love of culture and of character; snapping off in an instant they receive the signal to engage and destroy any target or people deemed an enemy of their great design and central authority. Killing friends, loved ones, whole families and worlds; without moral reservation - that they deeply love and will deeply miss, the dichotomy of their very design. The greatest friends, the greatest enemy, beyond the very concept of betrayal.

It explores this in the "Genosect", who fight with vigor born of immortality - riding high the wave of bodies as they relay their minds from husk to husk in endless parade, for they are life and can endure any danger and any risk, fight carefully toward their foe without fear; fall from millions of mistakes and rise again - love of courage and life, yet they cannot raise the dead or save a single soul who falls before them, or disobey their authority - and in as much are trapped like machines in this place, a replicating solution to an endless problem, compelled to act without freedom of will when the signal is given. They are kind, and compassionate, with a warm voice that comforts all they kill; for they are not without care for their duty - but their duty it is.

It explores this in the "Ethran", who are but shadows beyond death unable to rest - their souls struck so suddenly and firmly as to blast their very person into the stuff of time itself, and like time - reappear and repeat their deeds and words and fight the final wars they never win; making of anyone who cross their path the enemy they cannot remember. Love of revenge... beyond even the living world, and of the comfort of life.

It explores this in the "Kai'Gi", the God-men, who are to mortal beings like the Sanguine but of a congress of fellows - loosely bound - obligated their reliance on each other and the power of their knowledge to destroy and recreate, and to control with careful measured hand the lives of others over which they extend their Legend, making then in them slaves of an ignorance enforced by fraud, deceit, and great works of miracles and magic - these magic men distort and conceal the Universe - for love of power, and for fear of what power brings in the hands of lesser men, to deceive and accuse and poison the well of hearts that serve no shelter to the rebellion of the King against consensus and rebuke. They sell endorsement for submission, and are the destroyers of light, casting all into darkness - only to sell false illumination in the promise of elite secrecy and power not admitting ordinary men or those who would resist.

It explores this in the "Thirteenth Species", from which the Kai'Gi sought to enslave time itself, and in doing so burned themselves and all the Universe. For it is love without purpose or direction, for love itself, the very Darkness all around and in every absence of a thing, the 'Inverse Owl', unknowing. It is the unknown, but it is without love by its design. And in its making, did it see in all creation all the hearts in the Universe, as was its purpose to pick and choose them from the well, and there discover love without self, in something other than itself, and to watch this for awhile sweep aside creation so it may come to understand. Where he fell - no longer - stars destroyed and galaxies burn, that he may Walk and she learn more. She is discovery, the subtle eyes from far above, the baby's cry, the soft footsteps upon the grass, the sound that sings to sleep the King, ever mindful - never present that he see - that stands between nothingness and thee.

Programming Reality

In programming, there is a concept called 'reflection' by which members and interfaces are exposed to other distinct objects, upon request, and so separate compartmentalized logic can communicate externally while concealing internal workings, data, and operations from other code based on trust levels.

When a person stares into "Beyond War", they are essentially 'calling a reflection function' against themself, like a piece of code answering a query to report its variables, their type, and their structure.

For those who see "psychotic mass murder and heartless evil having no cause to stop the abuse", they fail to understand - this is the statement of the present mind of their own person; their world view, then presented with a canvas and wrongly themed another party then do they like a program responding to a function call - paint this image of their world upon the canvas and call it 'other', specific to the thing they are struggling to understand, and using their own component 'symbol table' to paint that image.

For those who see the "overwhelming power" for which abuse would most certainly destroy the security and balance they expect and consider an obligation of any 'game' to participate, and such participation conditioned this equality in order to solicit their contribution of time: we see the inability to live beyond the very conditions set, and such obligation so presumed a statement - not a goal of ours - for they do not know how to solve the problem and, being so reliant on their own 'symbols' as sole device, impute we also have no solution or must prove it to them in disclosure of how the Universe and our inner workings operate, conditioned their endorsement. This, too, is reflection, and a false test of merit which falsely suggest we want their participation, or that its presence or absence is itself on such condition not a part of our solution.

Rather than exclude everyone who, like Jesus said, fell on stone rather than in earth, when cast from the hand of the farmer to the soil; we say only - this reflection of your own self is not a test of our self or our word or work; and in this work have we considered this as well, drawing wisdom from the works of other teachers, to discern that the answer rests in the mind of those that seek answers and not the duty of those providing them. Be a better student, and you may learn the answer that you cannot see, built solely from the symbols you bring to the table which themselves alone produce no proof or solution.

In this, ask of God, and there may be answer; an old "Church of Latter Day Saints" motto, rings true; without presumption that such source is just a game and its design, a software, and complex though it may be - not God almighty or anything supernatural; but a separate class of work not subject your query any answer but reflection.

In this, the player who chooses to enter ascribes that they seek answers, not self, in petition; and in this does Beyond War admit to them an answer for them, of them, and not made likewise nor equally to all others; for the question asked is for them and none other.

In simple terms, you may be asked to play a character that is not like yourself, and learn to express and exercise the choices of that character as truly as your ability permit - discovering in this the nature of the world created for your enjoyment (and discovery), and consequences of those acts as well.

These consequences are not set to 'progress' or 'excel', or 'develop' your authority for your time; nor is your time a consideration in exchange that you receive reward, as is common in "Asian Game Theory".

What it does is grant you admission of the ability to set aside self, and without such presumptions and symbols, find and translate those which are presented as the time is right. For which your path will be directed to the consequence and tests set forth in Beyond War governing the questions that you retain.

Fair Questions

Fair questions, like - "Can I play a Sanguine when I log in the first time?", are answered plainly on the box and documents. "No."

"Are there Sanguine in the game?" - Yes.

"Are the Sanguine player characters?" - Yes.

"How do I survive, if I'm not a Sanguine?" - "Play the game. Don't die."

"Am I going to die?" - "Almost Certainly."

"Why should I keep playing?" - "Because you didn't want to die, and that's how not dying works - you press play... again."

"Why not start over and over and over and over again." - "It's funny that you think we had not thought of that. Or would tell you. Press Play... again."

"When do I get to play a Sanguine?" - "Good question. Tell us when (you find out you are a Sanguine)."

"Wait, what?" - "Yup."

"So I'm already a Sanguine?" - "We did not say that."

"I'm confused." - "Good. That is a very - good - way to actually start."

"Why am I a fat guy?" - "Probably because you were born short and drink too much. Read the character bio."

This is Roleplay

Veterans of Roleplaying Tabletop Games will recognize instantly - Beyond War is not like an ordinary MMO, and has 30 years of genuine tabletop roleplaying experience behind its design. It is based on discovery, experience, perception, and unique (per player) information to make the same experience different for each person in the (virtual) encounter so they are able to operate from a perspective that is not simply a shared arena battle or modified first-person-shooter pace; slowly exploring, meeting, talking, and interacting.

For this reason, the game has a proprietary engine covered by Trade Secret in Oklahoma Law.

Elements of this engine are confidential, to prevent duplication by competitors in a legal dispute by an atheist community seeking to disbar Beyond War from having any access to market; as they fundamentally disagree with the values of such a system and its design principle.

This claim is not solely because we annoy atheist players and power gamers, but because of the way that elements like relationships, experience, and character development occur.

Virtually every time we mention any of these features, someone tries to make off and sell a patent or game engine solely based on the feature set, so we are confident in the value as well as the need to be close about the actual mechanical nature of the proprietary game design (covered by copyright law, and well documented and witnessed). Like the development of 'radar' and 'guided missiles', these technologies have some dual-use applications we wish to control, for moral and professional reasons, as well as the abuse of such technology to negate their utility to American Warfighters.

Having said that, we believe your teenager or young family members will enjoy Beyond War, and appreciate lessons incorporated into its very design which older persons - especially fans of The Bible and other works of religious significance, will approve.

We could point to specific verses in the Bible where specific features were inspired, but that would be giving away the beauty of the design before it is time.

Our developers enjoyed the 1970-1990 era of game design, when individual players had great discovery and a nearly romantic relationship with the fiction and information in early personal computer games, for which no living person born after 1991 likely share that experience - when books were not available electronically and discovery of their value spread by word of mouth, recommendations, and suggested reading among literate friends of great works and interesting authors, stores, and ideas which were sometimes years in their making and next edition.

Beyond War is, therefore, paced in that classic style of storytelling over time; and this method shared with companies including BLIZZARD, CCP Inc., and Origin under conditions not all firms then complied; prior to the "MMO" genre becoming a defined environment. These technologies grew out of "Club Caribe" (AOL early 2D VR world), and developers and players there active in the early MODEM (Modulator-Demodulator) technology, which by today's standards seem like ancient history. They learned to program on vector scopes, not modern monitors, and write programs on tape drive. Those skills do translate, but the tools and the costs and the platforms of the media were severely disrupted in monopoly practices from 1999-2020. So much so, these projects were buried beneath foreign influenced corporations and criminal fraud, war, and terrorism.

Beyond War has always sought to bring this technology to the forefront of the community, but the criminal intimidation to sell or license the 'shooter' imagined by abductors of a small child for his ransom, forestalled all ordinary work.

Like the serious tone of the early "BATTLESTAR GALACTICA", based on "Latter-Day Saints" fiction, the failure of major capital partners to 'get it' and instead force existing (failed) genres onto the property to the point of failure (Battlestar Galactica 1980), as well as later reboot 'socialist' concepts; devastated otherwise lucrative properties into near-dirt.

To suggest, for a moment, Christianity or the Bible had any influence on Beyond War is a death sentence, therefore, in a marketplace seeking to homogenize all religions under one God, as the new Catholic Pope has.

As is the prospect of selling the property to another firm to develop, thereby abandoning creative control to a marketing and distribution company seeking a product to sell in CHINA.

Beyond War is, fundamentally, a testament to beliefs of human value and dignity found in The Bible. It is therefore already banned in CHINA and disliked in other countries like JAPAN and IRAN. We make no claims to seek those audiences, nor disclaim the right of those persons to join us via our network to defeat censorship and socialist technology limiting the distribution of such works, nor theming them as 'mental health' risks due to their disagreement with the 'values and obligations' suitable to 'strong central authority' and 'utility' of human beings held to be superior to their dignity, family, and love of life not defined by labor or service.

Our developers are former military, ex Latter Day Saint, former Catholic, Baptist, Protestant, and a few other parties. The very trademark, "STRYX" as used meant 'witch" in GREEK, and has been appropriated by the Spanish word for "witch", which is Brujah, wrongly after meeting our promoters in Oklahoma. We are, in no small way, a very old and very legendary thing such that criminals in the world would deny our name already lest it impeach their claim of authority, and this no design and without apology - the hardship suffered not unlike the Christ, a sadly real and factual parable from which these words resonate with force for which there is no law or body made by men which can deny them on the facts - and humble all who come before the witnesses thereto, the crimes of a people confessed leave them little succor but for violence a defense.

This, too, is the lesson found in Beyond War, and perhaps - if you do believe in God and such purpose of things - the message made in this making, a testament and a tool to reach beyond the bonds and walls raised in taking of people, and give to them the testimony of the living King of Kings, He Who Walks Through Walls, a well chosen name to speak softly of the coming of the King.

Certainly, the subject is more serious than CW or SyFy Channel fare, and as it should be - a testimony of faith made for a modern world, crafted by soldiers and warfighters who have experience teaching urban combat and family for whom John Witherspoon and Civil War Soldiers, Scottish Knights, and Hong Kong nationals gave their lives to bring to you today - a modern testament, a fiction, and a living document designed to reach all over the world.

It is certain that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) hate this message, as do other leaders who denounce the authority of the 'dignity of mankind' coming at the right hand of God, and would test us in every way possible; from ridicule to security to overt brutal attacks - as is the one now ongoing since September versus our network with over 300,000 requests per day.

Don't you want to read the story? If it came through all that? And meet the people responsible for the resistance. A professional rebel, former soldier, and author of 'Cold Sunshine' (the term for a QSR striking a planet, illuminating the entire surface in the middle of night, and the death of everyone so sudden they stand staring at each other - feeling nothing but light - and the light is cold, for their bodies are gone). Writers have included little pieces of this over the years since its first mention in 1998 during presentations, and yet even so there are those that would deny the claims so they might stand above others - and in the reflection of their hearts, read to you their sins accusingly - naming as the sinner the very source of this.

You can know them by their words, and the accusations they make, enemies of man and God.

For they can only imagine the world in such symbols, and have no equity in the estate of the King of Kings, nor is the Individual Estate a Kingdom which owes them any due for their crimes.

In their words and judgment so pronounced, upon the character of men and not their deeds or offenses only, are the demons of this world born of men and women, revealed to all. For they judge men not upon their heart or God within it, but upon the hate of that heart and all it ascribes before all demands they make and all desires they are not satisfied in without resistance, false crowns and false people all.

And you many know the good, for when they speak - they speak to the purpose, and they speak to the praise of others interest without asking any but the willing to join them, make no threats, and for the good of the deed and the least that stand the danger, bear all and become the weapon God requires.

In answer, "How do I become Sanguine?" - simply know the meaning of the word.

    Sanguine - optimistic or positive, especially in an apparently bad or difficult situation: "he is sanguine about prospects for the global economy"

Know you then the name itself is bearing and the courage and the truth before the cause, of love made, and in this a weapon of God against many - for even one.

"You see God as something external to you, to be pleased or satisfied or denied existence. I see God every time I look at you, even when you are my enemy, and in the eyes of every child and every living thing and stone and tree and sky. Would you suggest I see these things and not see God in myself, also? Would you say in me, you do not see God because you hate me so without forgiveness not made condition? And to do so and not be arrogant, then also not see God in anything - especially you? Would you that I say I see less to please you, or deny I see in the eyes of our newborn child also, the dignity of God?"

The technologies of Beyond War are built to raise awareness of the cultural and individual injury of genocide and policies themed complicity with genocide under color of law, for audience ages 24 and up.

As a work of fiction, Beyond War uses several terms to explain to modern culture how their use of defensive claims to normalize genocide are accessory to the actual crime and aggravate such injury. "Beyond War" and "Sanguine" are trademarks of SHADOWDANCERS L.L.C., so registered.